Tuesday, January 23, 2007

An new obession

Okay, for Christmas I got this AWESOME trunk filled with llama and angora yarn... one challenge...
I didn't know how to knit. This was really something special. The lady raises llama, sheep, bunnies, etc. and takes their fur/hair, cleans it, dyes it and spins it into yarn. (Mom told me to get someone to make something out of it for me, so I wouldn't screw it up)... so of course I signed up for knitting classes! I'm addicted! This is so much fun. I have so much down time during basketball & football practice (not to mention those HOURS on the golf course while David is playing tournaments). Reading is great, but this is productive! I've already made my first scarf (it even had a pattern, thankyouverymuch) - now I'm onto a felted purse (for someone's birthday in Feb.), a poncho (for a friends new baby) and another scarf for my mom. I have found it's really good to have a couple of projects going - when I make a mistake or get frustrated I can lay one down and pick up another & keep going. I owe it all to my friend Becky (thanks!) for turning me on to my newest hobby.

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julwh said...

wtf?! You got all that awesome yarn and didn't share.


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