Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Fun

We had a great Labor Day Weekend...

We headed to the lake after work Friday with a stop along the way at the Apple Festival to visit our buddy Stan and check out all the booths. The best by far was the www.baresitall.com booth. A group of Hendersonville ladies who have taken up the cause for breast cancer research. Let's just say, living with an 11-year old severely limited my t-shirt choices. So, I came away with one that reads, "Fight like a girl." Though I really wanted the one that said, "Second base could save your life." After little man had his fill of the biggest gyro ever, we hopped back in the car for the rest of the journey to the lake.

We had a fantastic time with Nana & Papaw all weekend and even got to see J & J's lake house (finally). With our fill of tortas from our fav mex spot and ribs on the grill courtesy of Papaw we headed back north toward home.

While driving we arranged with some friends to stop back at the Apple Festival to view the finale/parade. Boy are we glad we did. Stan driving the big blue truck pulling the bank float...the pirate ship (complete with mermaid, ummm... merman...well, he was... interesting.) David filled up on funnel cake and lemonade.

We finally made it home just in time to shower, change and head to the GPI for the semi-annual neighborhood party - thanks to Stan who included us as his guests! We ate our fill of the yummy buffet and even managed to get little man out on the dance floor - he learned the Electric Slide, once out on the floor, he was hard to get off! It was a great ending to a really fun weekend.

My only regret? Leaving the camera at home!

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