Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Resolution

Twelve months ago I took my first knitting class.
Twelve months ago I acquired a new addition.

Hi, my name is Anna and I'm a knit-a-holic.


I received the most amazing hand spun alpaca yarn from a local farm. It's gorgeous. My mom's reaction was..."pay someone to make something for you, and this is nice stuff." ah-hem. If you know me, you know I heard..."you really don't know what you are doing you don't want to mess this up ." So, with the help of my knitting buddy Becky I ventured into the world of knitting. Wow, what a year it has been. I've made scarves, baby blankets, hats, socks and even a top for me (that I can no longer wear since I've lost weight). I love it. It gives me something to do with my hands on these cold winter days, or when I'm sitting at basketball practice or the doctor's office, on the plane ride to and from, any down time... I'm being productive.

And I love it. For Christmas I made socks for my dad.
He really, really likes them. I've made 2 other pair too - they say either you love to make socks or you hate it (right Becky?) I love it. I've made baby blankets for two (and now a third) friend who have welcomed little ones into the world. I've made scarves for my mom and myself. I've made purses - and even felted one! I have taken chances and succeeded more than I've failed.

So much of our lives are spent buying things. In my small effort to simplify, I have returned to the luxury of handmade things. Things made with love (remember the cooking post? see below). Love is the main ingredient both in what you make and how you make it. So if someone gifts you with a handmade item, remember, they aren't being cheap...they have put their time and love into making it. They are gifting you with a piece of themselves. They thought about YOU each and every hour they spent working on something with YOU in mind.

But with this new addiction has come purchasing... yarn, yarn, needles and more yarn. I am resolving here and now NOT to purchase any more yarn, not to begin another new project until I finish what I have already purchased or started. Yes, David I know, your sweater... your scarf... the two hats that are still in the bag. I promise! I will power through. So if you find me wandering into the yarn store with that deer in headlights look, kindly steer me back out and away - far, far away. I have what I need for now... well, at least until the Fiber Arts Fair in the Fall ;)

Have a great year - I hope it is filled with love and lots of yummy yarn and handmade goods of both the eating and the wearing kind!


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