Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Break Adventures

Well, here we are 'back to the grind' after 10 days of fun, sun and well more fun. We ventured down to St. Augustine to visit with Julz and Mark - who put us up for a few days. We had a fantastic time. We visited the World Golf Hall of Fame, climbed the lighthouse, visited the Castillo de San Marcos (aka the Fort @ St. Augustine), took a ghostly pirate cruise around the bay and yes, they DO fire the cannons from the Fort at nighttime! That was just the first day!

We slowed down after that however... we did manage to see all the sights - the Old Jail, the Fountain of Youth (who really would drink sulfur water??) we especially enjoyed walking around the Mission of Nombre de Dios and Our Lady of La Leche Shrine which was beautiful and peaceful.

We had our fill of shrimp at Barnacle Bills (aka Barnacle Bobs - thanks to Mark). And good home cooking thanks to Julz' mom on Easter Sunday :)

Probably one of the best things about our trip was our day spent at TPC/Sawgrass - THE hub of the PGA. If you know anything about golf (and I know just a little) this place is like Mecca for golfers. And it is breath-takingly beautiful. The clubhouse is open to the public - you can go and have drinks or lunch.

They even have "Storytellers" who are like private tour guides that take you around and explain the history of the place and I will say - ours was FANTASTIC. He drove us out in a golf cart around the course, pointed out where game winning shots were made, how a full 6 weeks before the big tournament there - the crew is already setting up for the event (and will be at a dead run until gameday). He explained how some of the holes were designed, where pin placement is on a weekday vs. a weekend vs. a tournament - even how the ladies tees were set (by the designers wife!)

Toward the end of our tour - after he had been gracious enough to take us up to the 2nd floor balcony so we could see Fred Funk out on the practice area and take cool panoramic pictures (he even took our picture - I now have proof that I was ON this vacation!)...anyway, we are walking down the stairs on our way out and he asks if we are in any particular hurry to move on to our next thing that day.... THIS is our only thing for today... Ok, follow me - around the corner, down a hallway and another staircase down and we find ourselves in .... THE PLAYERS AREA.
David's face was lit up like a Christmas tree. Down the tunnel of champions, where the players walk unaccosted by the public. The caddies were hanging out in their own area - and it's so NOT at all like Caddyshack! So we make it all the way down the tunnel and were heading back when a man is coming toward us (hmmm) ok, it's Jim Furyk - we were quickly escorted out another door - but, how cool was that? Two pros in one day!

After our jaunt in Florida we headed back north - stopping for a couple of days at Lake Hartwell with Mom & Dad - I kid you not when I say the highlight of those few days was my dad wrapping his arm around me and singing (yes-singing) Happy Birthday to me.

As much as I love to travel and visit with friends and family, I am honest when I say I did laundry for one complete day! Oy...and the pile on my desk...I'm still digging out. Oooh I feel the waves beckoning me back to the beach now...

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