Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life on the Farm

This year everything seems to have clicked just right for our little garden venture. We have a huge bed of lettuce and spinach... lots of blooms on our squash, zucchini and cucumbers. The okra is taking it's time (but that's ok with me since David is the only one who eats it). However we have broccoli (ok, they are the size of a floret, but STILL :) we have broccoli. I also harvested these beauties Sunday and had them for dinner - sugar snap and snow peas - they are so sweet and yummalicious.

A few nights ago I kept hearing a soft little squeal - like something was stuck - I thought something (a bunny maybe) had gotten into the raised bed where the veggies were but couldn't get out... so at 4am (yes, 4am) I took the flashlight and went out to investigate. About the time I passed by the outdoor dining table - this guy flew over my head and landed on the garage roof. Amazing! He and his mate were calling back and forth to each other!

I love living this close to the parkway and all it's wildlife :)

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August Bounty

August Bounty