Sunday, January 23, 2011

115 days

In 115 days I will be on a plane to Florida for my annual Girls' Weekend with my BFF. BFF totally fits Julz. We met in elementary school. I lived on one island, she lived on the one south of me. She was bussed to our island for school. Then in middle school, I was bussed her way. High school fairly much cemented our friendship forever. Years pass, college separated us. Marriages (hers and mine - neither lasted) couldn't keep us apart. We would find ways/reasons to get together at least once a year, sometimes we would have bonus visits.

Nowadays even through life, the Dude, school (her second career) etc we make it a point to see each other twice a year - she (and sometimes her parents) come here, I try to fly el cheapo airlines there.

So 115 days = 16 weeks - I have a timeline - I am rolling around a goal, not quite sure what it will be yet, but I'd like to be in a better place physically (read: weightwise) when I step off that plane.

I'm going to sleep on it and get it down in writing tomorrow.


Lin R said...

Testing, 1,2,3....

Coco said...

yay! it worked.

I had been getting weird chinese character comments so I tightened up the security - I've relaxed it a bit now.

Keep on doing what you're doing :)

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August Bounty