Monday, January 3, 2011

Push Goal

Today I'm coming up with a list of 10 goals, things that - if they happen would be flipping cool! 10 challenging goals, 10 things to work for. The big one is the Push Goal - the goal that will help push all the other goals forward.

1. Begin and end each day with positivity.
2. Pay each bill on time.
3. Save for a new couch.
4. Workout (elliptical/class/yoga) 4 times a week - every week.
5. Eat clean and healthy. Don't waste it on crap.
6. Appearance matters - you don't know who you will meet when.
7. I will practice and improve my handwriting.
8. I will save up and visit Julz at least once this year. (maybe for SWW!)
9. Work on kitchen mini-remodel.
10. Stay on top of my housework to do list (daily/weekly/monthly).

Today's workout:
Ellipitcal 40 minutes
Yoga 50 minute class - see Fat Girl DOES Yoga :)

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August Bounty