Monday, May 23, 2011

Just to get it all out there...

What my current goals are...
1. I will lose 39 pounds – by August of this year (totally do-able)
2. I will convince myself that I love working out
3. I will get back into my workout routine of days gone by
4. I will feel and look fit and healthy in and out of clothing
5. I will buy a bathing suit and wear it without worry
6. I will try to find some "love" for Jillian Michaels (stolen from Donnybelle)
7. I will have clothes in one size (my goal/fit/healthy size) in my closet
8. I will look in the mirror each morning and tell myself how awesome the day is going to be and them I’m going to live it.
9. I will look in the mirror each evening and tell myself three good things about the day – and if there are not-so-great things… I will tell myself (in my best Scarlet O’Hara voice) that tomorrow is another day.

What I will do...
-I will stay within 1280-1630 calories/mostly following the 17DD plan.
-I will keep my meals balanced
-I will eat breakfast
-I will stay on program, even on the weekends when it’s hard
-I will continue to walk and workout on the weekends
-I will continue completing the daily Quickfire sessions in the work bathroom---that's right, I workout in the bathroom! I will do this every time I go to the bathroom at work----which is often since I’m on program with my water intake and drinking my green tea (green tea = pee)

What I will no longer be...
1. I will no longer be the fat girl in yoga class
2. I will no longer be making excuses to not work out
3. I will treat my body well (it’s the only one I’ll ever have, but I can shape it any way I choose)
4. I will take time out for myself and reward/congratulate myself for the things I will accomplish

In other news...
Feel free to stop by and give me a kick in the butt to keep me accountable and motivated! I can take it.

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