Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another week, another loss

Down another 2 - but I haven't been moving as much as I should.

The rain has hampered my lunchtime walks.
I have joined a 100 Push-up challenge - granted I'm doing girlie push-ups,
but I did 65 last night and didn't die, yet.

Somewhere, somehow the switch has been flipped in my brain on portion size/control.
I don't know how but it has and I'm so fraking happy that it has.
I almost didn't eat dinner last night because I wasn't hungry, but I did get a little veg and a little protein in for good measure.

I finally have the phrase that's been in the back of my head that goes with my Ganesha tattoo - Alter your path however you must to reach your destination.
I don't know why it took almost 4 months for that to finally reach the front of my brain, but I'm glad it has.

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August Bounty

August Bounty