Monday, March 26, 2012

The Atlanta Women's first 5K!

My friend L invited me down to Atlanta for "Birthday Weekend" her birthday being on the 21st, her friend's the 23rd and mine on the 29th. Seemed like a fun idea.

So this is what we did... arrive Friday afternoon...obligatory cocktails :)

then an early dinner at Holy Taco - just let me say - SO VERY GOOD -

then to meet for a consult with my Tattoo Artist, the fabulous Malia @ Memorial of the best parts was some crazy song playing (you'll have to ask).

6:30 Saturday the alarm goes off, we get up, get coffee'd and hit the Atlanta Women's 5K run through Candler Park. Wow.

Such a beautiful day, so very many people! It was my first 5K ever. I told L I would be walking more than running (I am *so* not a runner) in fact I ran DOWN the hills and walked UP hills and made pretty damn good time.

The event seemed to be very well organized from information to parking - a good sign.

Kids along the way giving high fives :)

Cops on motorcycles doing the traffic thing and cheering (some with music blasting from their stereos)...

So now I have a base time of run/walk for a hilly 5K, so I have something to beat next time. Yea, there's gonna be a next time, and a time after that :)

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